After 25 years of hiding my secret, God led me to First Steps, a post- abortive healing Bible Study where I began my journey of healing. I didn’t realize how much in bondage I was until I began to heal!Each week we focused on God’s Word and His character. His truth began to defeat the lies that I chose to believe for so many years. I began to understand that God wasn’t punishing me, rather He was waiting for me to turn back to Him with a repentant heart, so He could restore me. I also began to understand that it wasn’t about me forgiving myself, but about me understanding the forgiveness of Jesus……I now devote my life to helping others not make the same mistake I did.

avatar -female1 (1)Cindy, Orlando, FL


For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to see my life through God’s eyes and not my own. I can finally breathe and live. Because of God’s truth I’ve found my purpose in life. I now volunteer at the Pregnancy Center and enjoy every minute of it!

avatar -female1 (1)Ellie, Orlando, FL


By completing First Steps, I could enjoy total freedom and experience a desire to help other women who have gone through the painful process of abortion find faith and hope. I can also live fully with the Word that God impressed upon my heart when I gave my life completely.

avatar -female1 (1)Patricia, Orlando, FL


When I completed First Steps, I received healing but not without challenges or having to face my deeply seated pain. I was able to feel God’s love, forgiveness, restoration, joy and amazingly, song and color took on new life! After completing the study, I was baptized! The other side of healing felt amazing. Such a heavy burden had been lifted. The wall was removed!

avatar -female1 (1)Christy, Orlando, FL