Meet the Author

Lynn Kennedy

Prior to surrendering her heart and life to the Lord Jesus, Author & Missionary Lynn Kennedy lived her life according to the ” law of the land”. She drank, partied and sought significance in relationships. Those activities led her to two pregnancies, both which she ended in abortion. ” I knew it was wrong,” she says. “Not against man’s law, but wrong.” The process to healing and restoration began at the feet of her Lord Jesus. What she learned from Him birthed a vision. The journal you are holding in your hands is a vision becoming sight.

The original Director of First Life Center for Pregnancy, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Orlando, Lynn currently serves her Savior in Burkina Faso, West Africa with Shattering Darkness Ministries, a ministry which she incorporated in 2004. Since its inception, the ministry has constructed churches, drilled wells, and brought thousands to faith in Christ. Through Shattering Darkness Ministries, indigenous pastors, missionaries and church planters now cover hundreds of square miles in Burkina and Ghana.

Other books by Kennedy include: “Does The Hurting Ever Stop?” and “A God Story” — available on — with two books, “Passion!” and “While Waiting” currently in the works.





Myrtzie Levell

The Program Coordinator of First Life Center for Pregnancy, a ministry of First Baptist Church of Orlando, Author and Teacher, Myrtzie Levell experienced her personal journey to healing and experienced God’s Redemption through First Steps in 1994. Since that time, she has had a calling and passion to serve God in the area of Post Abortion Recovery. Through First Steps, Myrtzie has ministered to thousands of women and men, helping those who are considering abortion choose life, and ministering God’s healing power to those who have been wounded by the choice of abortion. She also trains others who share her passion and calling. “I am privileged and humbled to walk alongside men and women who have been hurt by abortion,” says Levell.

Myrtzie is a mother to three amazing daughters, Jennifer, Crystal and Sharon and grandmother of four grandchildren, Jordan, Jay, Landon and Scarlet. She also has two precious children, Alicia and Thomas, whom she looks forward to holding one day when she joins them in Heaven. Myrtzie resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband and best friend of 28 years, Tim Levell.